Exclusive : Rosemary Shrager and Valentina Harris hands on Pasta Masterclass!

A brilliant opportunity to learn from the best on 28th March 2022!
This 3 hour live lesson will cover making fresh pasta dough from scratch; filling and shaping tortelloni with a classic spinach and ricotta filling; making beautiful golden tagliatelle to serve with the iconic Bolognese Ragu; plus 2 classic pasta sauces: La Carbonara and La Puttanesca that are traditionally served with dried pasta. 
You will learn so much about the Art of Pasta from these two renowned cookery experts.

Valentina will share with you and Rosemary her boundless passion and knowledge for all things Italian and pasta in the course of this class. You will never feel quite the same about pasta and you'll be sure never to take it for granted again!
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