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Rosemary's pancakes! It's pancake day!

My pancakes are the best! Well, it's one of my favourite days as I love feeling guilt free with going for it on the pancakes! You will learn the best way to make them and we will be making 3 types: 1. A Pizza Crepe 2. A sweet Crepe 3. A special crepe yet to be announced!  

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Rosemary's Valentines Profiteroles!

Lets make beautiful ' Profiteroles!' Romance is in the air or its a very enjoyable pudding in front on the TV! My sensational Profiteroles will be something you always bought in the shops but now you are making it at home. Plus with me!! You can't go wrong! This is a brilliant dish and is everyone's favourite, so come join me and lets make beautiful food together! R xx

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Rosemary Shrager